Meet the Chapter
7-9 P.M. @ __________
Join us and learn about Alpha Kappa Psi, the world's premier co-ed professional business fraternity.
  • Thursday
  • September 7th
Food Fundraiser
7-9 P.M. @ ______________
Mingle with some of our brothers at ___________.
  • Monday
  • September 11th
7-9 P.M. @ Aztec Lanes
Come out for a fun night of bowling, ping-pong, and pool with the brothers of Mu Sigma.
  • Tuesday
  • September 12th
Game Night
7-9 P.M. @ __________
Join us for a mixture of interactive improv, board games, and food with the members of Mu Sigma.
  • Wednesday
  • September 13th
Meet the Chapter 2
7-9 P.M. @ The Hillel on Lindo Paseo
Meet and greet with members of Mu Sigma, treat yourself to pizza, and get inspired by our featured public speakers! Learn "why AKPsi".
  • Thursday
  • September 14th
Rise Above the Stars
7-9 P.M. @ 4th Floor Student Union
Our final rush event culminates in a night under the stars on a rooftop terrace with some live music and food bites!
  • Friday
  • September 15th